Dr Mohammed Ibrahim

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*PHD in Internal Medicine and Kidneys (2008)

*Master of Internal Medicine and Diabetes (2003)

*Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (1998)



*Consultant in Internal Medicine (Al-Zahraa General Hospital, KSA, present)

*Professor of General Internal Medicine (Beni Suef University, Egypt)

*Consultant and head of the Department of Nephrology (One Day Surgeries Hospital, Egypt)

*Specialist in internal and kidney diseases (EL-Menia University Hospital, Egypt)



* General internal conditions

*Kidney diseases

*Diseases of the digestive tract and liver

* Rheumatism and joints diseases

*Chronic diseases

*Hypertension and cholesterol

*Treatment and follow-up of elderly diseases

* Conduct a health assessment

* Infectious diseases

* Pulmonary Medicine

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