Dr. Mahmod Beyomi Hasan

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*Master in diagnostic and Interventional radiology (Alexandria University, Egypt, 2009)

*Bachelor of medicine and surgery (Alexandria University, Egypt, 2003)



*Diagnostic radiology Specialist (Al-Zahraa General Hospital, KSA, present)

*Radiology specialist (Salah Elauodi hospital, Egypt, 2010-2013)

*Resident visitor in radiology department (Maina University’s hospital of Alexandria, Egypt, 2007-2009)

*Resident doctor (Ras Elteen hospital, Egypt, 2005-2011)



*Ultrasounds: abdominal, gynecological, thyroid, breast

*Ct Scan: chest, abdominal, pelvis, brain

*All X-rays


*Basics of MRI

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