Dr. Reda Mohammed Jumaa Faramawy

30-03-2017 0 comments Ehab_Kamal Pedia/Neonatal doctors


*Master of Pediatrics and Neonatology (Zagazig University, Egypt)

*Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Zagazig University, Egypt)



*General Practitioner (Egyptian Armed Forces, Egypt, 2008-2010*)

*Resident doctor of pedia and newborn (Al-Ahrar Teaching Hospital, Egypt, 2011-2014)


Work Fields:

*Experience in pediatrics, neonatology, intensive care and treatment, treatment of preterm infants, low birth weight, respiratory distress, neonatal hyperbiluribinemia, various infectious diseases, gastrointestinal, chest, allergies, anemia, malnutrition, urinary incontinence, etc…